The practice zlgdesign was formerly ZEIDLER AND LIM, and was earlier installed in london under the partnership of susanne Zeidler and huat LIM, both who had trained at the architecture association and the Bartlett, respectively in london. Huat was working at sir norman foster’s london office in great Portland street from 1984-1990, one of the projects was the Stansted Airport and the other was the Chelsea Reach architects offices. He later moved to their French offices in Nimes and then to Lyon during the contract period in which huat worked on the arts centre and mediateque project in Nimes. Upon returning to london, huat worked with the late archigram professor Ron Herron at his imagination limited office, and also with gary white, in london and then at Zaha Hadid Architects in Bowling Green Lane, East London. Susanne met Huat Lim at the Bartlett where he was at that time teaching with then Sir Peter Cook and reknown writer and urban design professor David Dunster. Susanne was a student at staedelschule Frankfurt under sir peter’s tutorship. The practice has since 1994 grown from 6 to over 25 staff and still growing. The most recent work is point92 which is a 16 story office development located in petaling jaya malaysia. zlgdesign has won several awards, the Barbara Cappochin Award was the most prestigious. Their first building in malaysia was Capitol hotel followed by avenue K and later the Boh visitor centre. http://www.zlgdesign.com


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