According to Vitruvius’s “de Architectura” : Good buildings must satisfy three core principles: Firmness, Commodity, and Delight; there ought to be a balance and correlation between these three elements, any one of them not overwhelmed by the other two. Today we address the aesthetic, structural, and functional considerations. However, looked at another way, function itself is seen as encompassing all criteria, including aesthetic, psychological, and cultural ones. Delight, on the other hand, is a very arguable and debatable criterion and whose principle can be easily disputed by critics, a fluid consensus which is subject to an indefinite number of interpretations. [excerpt: Wikipedia]

Making a physical model has been one of the best ways to conceptualise a project, for this we have tested tower configurations, dispositions of key elements of the built form, and also determining levels to the site. Kenny Heights has been a project conceived entirely from the study of built forms through this method.

The BOH Visitor Centre is one of those buildings that seemed totally in sync with the environment, yet it’s construction techniques, of precast piles and steel framework belies its simplicity. A totally open concept, naturally ventilated interiors and perforated walls made of fallen tree trunks make this a unique experience.

Yet there is still a little problem I have to solve in my head, and that is that I think architecture is taking a bit too long to becoming like what good art is, generative and always assuming an emotive role. We have yet to make it possible for us to connect to our buildings as easily as we do with art, or music, or things we adore, like our children or our books.



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