Lucien den Arend has traveled far and wide but not to Asia. Earlier in the USA and then later moving back to Europe and his wife native country in Finland, his life has generously contributed much to the world of land art, but also sculpture as a whole. We are fortunate in thus instance to see his willingness to share his experience with a Malaysian audience in our zlgevents courtyard at d7 this week 24 august 2013. We hope that all will come to support design awareness and public realm and enjoy an evening of discourse and dialogue with this profound artist. Special thanks to Dato frank Choo again for his charity and support for the arts and cultural events to help educate and raise appreciation of the fine arts for a wider public.

Lucien work has an unusually broad but yet recognisable appeal, unlike any other artist, on one hand they display an intense, strong geometrical form and order, and then on the other hand, they are completely fluid, flowing, light and very frail, and sometimes nearly decorative. Very appealing ofcourse is his large scale work seeing that he is the very involved with construction methodology and principals. Although ,any of his work are land art, Lucien has engage great number of urban and housing issues in his projects. This breadth, scope and intelligence has captured our imagination and produced a treatise so great it is hard to believe how one person can have such breadth of investigation and yet stay very close to the meanings presented in the work itself.

20130817-083503 PM.jpg

20130817-083514 PM.jpg

20130817-083522 PM.jpg

20130817-083559 PM.jpg


4 thoughts on “lucien den arend

    • Gabriella thank you for appreciating the work of Lucien den Arend whom we hope to bring back in June 2014. Trust you will also follow our events this year with more art films on the way.

      Huat Lim

  1. We are indebted to receive today Lucien’s agreement to let us see 20 of his books, many rare and single copies, dating back to 1965. Thank you to all of you who cancelled your weekend appointments to come for the lecture, The artist says he was satisfied and have enjoyed answering many of your questions. Lucien will be stung for three more days and we will let him visit the site tomorrow and see what he thinks,

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