This is one of zlgdesign premier designs, truthful to its site responsiveness, and totally original in the design of the envelope. In 2004 when dorian landers called zlg to present a concept that could both address the clients retail issues and also that of the need to upgrade facilities, that seemed totally in sync with the architects philosophy and their own aspiration to work on projects which has an agenda to deal clearly with the environment. The Boh Visitor Centre took under two years to build, yet it’s construction techniques, of precast piles and steel framework belies its simplicity. A totally open concept, naturally ventilated interiors and perforated walls made of fallen tree trunks make this a unique experience for all visitors. Caroline Russell who first saw the scheme was totally supportive. The 170m long facade demonstrates that a simple modernist structure in a natural surrounding may not present so much an aesthetically challenging and provocative idea, but as most critics may argue, this is not likely a vernacular solution, meaning the “Bali” styled nonsense “tropical” indigenous excuse for want of something more visually or culturally relevant to the area. ZLG succeeded to veer toward a more refreshing and modern approach.

20130809-104043 PM.jpg

20130809-104323 PM.jpg

20130809-104400 PM.jpg


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