Stephen Maas has been a friend for 20 years, we first met in Nimes during the time of sir Norman fosters construction of the Nimes Mediateque, in the south of france and i recall that his studio is located somewhere in the camargue, and the sculpture at the time which was a solid piece iof aluminum, which stephen had gladly shown me also during its evolving stages. We have lost stephen’s contact for several years, but only recently found him through a galerie namely jordan bernard Galerie in Paris. Stephen Maas has an amazing concept for this piece in aluminium which he showed me later in his studio in the lazy southern summer afternoon, out in the countryside of South of France, and his work has since inspired me to this day, that one should associate art to other forms of expression and realms, like sound and landscapes. Stephen’s aluminium piece was carefully weighted so that it had made a sound upon tapping it, akin to a famously known cry from a bird species unique only to the Camargue. This is a place for white horses, where they are bred by the gypsies, located near Nimes where I had worked as an architect for sir norman foster from 1987-89.

20121221-015238 PM.jpg


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