Like any other journey, architecture is for me inspired through experience, and reaching certain goals, and opening up opportunities and possibilities and understanding. I enclose here some important details taken from the diary of an Austrian explorer Heinrich Harrer: Nearly two years after they took flight from india, Peter Aufschnaiter and Harrer entered Tibet through an immense gate at Lhasa. Although they had read that monks would stand guard at the gate to protect the ‘Forbidden City’, they were immensely surprised to find it unhindered as they walked past the gate, they might have looked like beggars, and went by quite likely unnoticed. The very first incident after passing through the gate was historical: they caught sight of its golden roofs of the potala residence, which had gleaming shine and shimmers in the roofs of the temple, and with that both were so inclined to kneel down, amongst the others who had also walked with them, such as to touch the ground with their foreheads in humility and in praise of the gods, as it were.. By this time both had been on a journey that spanned nearly two years, they also crossed nearly sixty-five mountain passes. They had clearly reached the holy city of Tibet.” The story of Heinrich Harrer came out of my firm and foremost inspiration drawn from an earlier book written by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, who was later to be proven a hoax, of sorts, indeed by heinrich harrer, given that he originated from England and took the name of a Tibetan monk in the hope of writing authentic codes for Tibetan life. The third eye sold several million copies and to this day I recommend it to all my friends, and architects.

20121218-011619 AM.jpg

20121218-013946 AM.jpg


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