Point 92’s latest edition, is a white armadillo, the gucci bag or however we wish to refer to it or call it, but it has now acquired a very large hole in it, an interconnecting void with lush greenery and landscaped courtyards that slowly climb around the outside corner of the building. It is here that we place all the organic and natural features of the project, wood, plants, it is also the part that makes it sustainable. These balconies are break out areas, they are to be planted with very big trees, it will not do with either small shrubs or a lawn. So, once organized, they can be used as proper balconies and break out areas completely shaded from the direct sunlight, complete with maybe nice ‘dining rooms’ roof terraces. From here we let our brilliant engineers design m/e systems to manage a naturally ventilated atmospheric condition. The ‘hole’ is made large enough to be seen from afar, we think at night it can be lit in ways to evoke yet another iconic conceptual work. an armadillo with a heart? or the gucci bag unzipped. Over the course of nearly three years, however long that seemed, the facade emerged and developed into the current white insitu concrete manifestation. A thoroughly researched construction methodology, imbued with many criticism, limitations and distractions and fiery arguments. The final choice to adopt a white cement facade instead of glass or precast GRC would almost point back to the idea of using only the most accessible and natural materials for the envelope but also something that would not nearly be totally nuclear science and yet offered a level of intrigue and combined with some research, an idea that which a proprietary curtain wall system could not have offered any probable solution. The openings which are also patterned and arranged to invoke randomness came out of a thought about how order can be made to seem less predictable through simply reordering the sequence of typical windows of which there were at least as many as six or seven designs. ©2008.huatlim

20121204-040416 PM.jpg

20121204-040956 PM.jpg

20121204-042938 PM.jpg

20121214-094815 AM.jpg


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