Probably the most important artist of the modern art era, part of the abstract movement, Jackson Pollock invented or popularised the drip painting style, an inimitable art form unique to himself, copied and emulated by so many artists of his time till today, but never one quite like it. A pollock painting is usually a very large piece which is painted on the floor, and once finished, can be seen from many angles and also from many distances. If standing in front of a pollock, it is like looking into the stars and the galaxy, a great universe, a world of many thousand constellations, and nebulas. Absolutely beautiful and abstract at the same time, enjoyable at many different scales. Jackson was a tall person, large and muscular, his movements and physique and his habitual smoking and part drinking made it difficult for any other person to emulate his work style and therefore his work. His movements and erratic stylized walk about and short strolling and occasional pauses and characteristic sudden moves and sways and motion gave his paintings a life form which can only be born from how the paint is thrown out by him, and only him. Any other painter or artist capable of emulating this art will himself need to be pollocks exact build and physique and also temperament to produce what is uniquely his own. Jackson Pollock automatic drip painting as a firm has taken root and ever since many other forms of artistic expression from music to literature has emerged and taken their own root and identity. It is a unique expression, and a beautiful one as well to evoke the spirit and mind of the modern man. To get a taste of his art, try this link: pollock

image: courtesy amazon.com


20121129-021202 PM.jpg

20121129-021213 PM.jpg

20121129-021455 PM.jpg


2 thoughts on “jackson pollock

  1. Jackson pollock has the funniest film ever made of his career, called who the x&£@ is Jackson pollock. Amazing filmatography. Saw it inflight movie. Very entertaining.

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