“My school teacher made me feel small, like nothing. I’m trying to prove that nothing does not exists.” Arguably, the pinnacle of recognition came when Willard Wigan was asked by the Nelson Mandela Children’s Charity Fund to replicate the great statesman in honour of his birthday. This sculpture was completed in May 2009 and was presented in July 2009 at Mr. Mandela’s birthday celebrations. The young boy who was told by his school teacher that he would amount to nothing is now the man that all royalty, legendary artists and many iconic statesmen, would recognize in his own right. As a child Willard would escape his dreaded says in school where his teacher would mentally punish him, and instead visit his tiny ant friends under the forest tree, not to hide, but to build them incredible miniature nests, bridges and structures which would later, as it is believed, made him what his own teacher had not permitted, a heroic giant. It has been told Wigan work is so miniscule that it would take technology itself to observe the detail and appreciate the level of accomplishment so unique as his work, that even machines and modern technology themselves would not be capable of producing the level of intricacy and ornament that we see in Wigan sculptures. Willard was knighted by the queen soon after. I was informed we would now depend on technology to enable the human eye to see his work without which it becomes too small to observe and enjoy his gift. And so the theory continues, on the thought of this, and that us it possible we were all once like Wigan, immaculate, extraordinary but over time we let machines take over our own ability and talent, that eventually we all begin to depend on technology to do the most arcane work, or the most basic tasks as walking up a stair. (Which many a modern person can no longer do without a struggle). Is it possible that not so long ago we were able to see in the dark and that once we invented the light bulb we lost the ability, or that when man discovered electricity he could no longer live without it. Wigan abilities is somewhat a reminder that we once had, perhaps, strange, amazing and incredible gifts. All lost through modernization and mechanization. Another artist is also dalton ghetti who works an incredibly small micro scale, and his medium is on the tips of pencils.

20121126-023759 AM.jpg

20121126-023810 AM.jpg

20121126-023839 AM.jpg


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