We will like to partner with any members of society and their local suppliers to market a new and interesting recycled paper product. These incredible baskets and bags have been woven and created by very talented and remarkable team of women who are single mothers, needing financial support and as such our collaboration will ensure that each contribution will be channeled to charity. zlgevent programs makes it possible to give bursaries for discerning students or families with trouble raising kids due to financial difficulties. As a retail outlet zlgstuff @ D7-G-12 will be opened for sales in the next 5-6 months which is right before end of this year. The proceeds will go to the groups and schools who can help us to market these wonderful baskets which will go on show together with the launch of zlgstuff shop at d7. Eco weavers are made of paper and recycled from old magazines and quality paper that are later coated with protective paint and sealed to give the baskets the required water proofing, structural form. (Much of what we consume goes to waste simply because of we do not ensure to put our waste to better use.) Whilst their beauty cannot be more debated, these ecobaskets are also beyond their own functionality, they are very ingenious in the way that they are themselves can be recycled and that sometime in the future, may see their own final applications in many other resurrections. We like to think that these paper based products are very futuristic products, we think their worthiness will transcend at least for the next two or three generations to come. Their very unique shape and colours make wonderful patterns out of recycled paper, and are delightfully unpredictable, and for this they remain timeless, individual, beautiful and naturally unique. No two baskets will ever be alike, even if made by the same hand. In a few months we really hope we can also bring raw food and Eco baskets and other “people projects” together and with an offering for coffee and teas in the late mornings. For this we are talking to Elke Wollschon and Carina Lipold.


20130729-092316 AM.jpg

20130729-092651 AM.jpg

20130809-102609 PM.jpg


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