Was reading an article in the business section of the International Herald Tribune, and found an interesting read on a recent article by Timothy Ferriss, the 4-Hour Work Week, presumably cutting out emails and multi-tasking as we go along. Incredible that anyone could do such things these days without feeling disconnected or unaware of the world outside. Yet, even Netscape Communications founder Andreessen says some very good things about the book. If we can rid of all those emails and having to have all those gadgets, we can come in on a Monday feeling much less overwhelmed with work. When asked how he keeps abreast with what’s happening, Tim says he asks the waiters.

If you ask me, I love work, couldn’t do without my emails, and totally against the idea of lazing around or building huge muscles and picking on people who don’t necessarily mind not climbing up some remote mountains and hiking for kilometres as as if to prove themselves fit. Once a workaholic, always will be. If I do take a holiday, it’ll be about giving time to look at things, and appreciating the environment, its not about leaving the office or not having to work long hours.

[after the Alex Williams’ article for the International Herald Tribune]

Photo is of zlgdesign directors office. 2012

20130809-034126 AM.jpg

20130809-034147 AM.jpg


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