As a designer and architect, one often takes a lead role but there are moments when a collaborative stance adds value to the Project. With most scenarios this often makes it difficult to identify the key person lending the idea ot the Project.

It is not often easy for more than one architect to be involved at the beginning of the Project, where the work is mainly at a conceptual level. Quite often a Masterplan architect takes the lead, with several more architects working under the different parcels.

The expertise is already there within each one of the consultants, to give their intrinsic value to the Team as the project requires whether its design or cost management. Neither the Client or his Project Manager must make attempts to lead the Project Team, as such we have many failures where this has been permitted.

It takes USD 2 million towards training an architect to take on a position where he can just begin to lead a team. For spectacular performances we can expect the investment to be much larger, with award winning results and superlative designs.

barbara cappochin award | zlgdesign philopsophy | huatlim


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