There is a little problem I’ve had in my head, for sometime now, and yet to resolve it in my head would not do it. The problem I seem to be thinking about all the time is the one about why architecture is taking a very long time to becoming like what good art should be, generative and always assuming an emotive role. Buildings unlike art, does not connect to people as easily it seems as art or video, or even landscapes, or natural phenomena, like rain affects our emotion, or how thunderstorms or floods, or windy days, or snowy chilly days do. We don’t seem to be able to connect to our buildings as easily as we do with music or art, or everyday things that we adore, like our children or our books. Even though many a time we take for granted trees, or bridges or houses, they dint seem to affect us as much as other phenomena as a music (loud sound) or a dramatic performance (bright lights, colours). So I imagine and conclude, that through these elements, building (when they are the agents) can begin to affect or connect to our emotions. The dark alleys, the narrow street, the steep roofs, and wide windows, and so forth. Architecture serves to give experience only through light and sound, and maybe through scale. So it seems to be a necessary link and the passage for us to enter or invoke our natural realm, which is the very environment we compromise when we build buildings. It is when buildings do not play with light or cast a deep shadow or bring in the daylight that we cannot hear their voices.



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